Tuesday, 13 April 2021

First Post

Hello and thank you for reading my blog. I'm Gill and live with my husband in rural Northumberland. We moved here from North Tyneside in October 2004 and couldn't go back to city living ever again...too many people, too much noise and mess and too much, well, everything that I cannot stand! I much prefer a quieter and slower pace of life. 

I've always been a bit obsessed with animals and once I got my first pair of proper binoculars in 1983 there was no stopping me and I was outside at every opportunity. My main patch was the Wallsend Swallow Pond and surrounding farmland and I spent many happy hours there over the next two/three years...with the occasional foray to Jesmond Dene and the coast at Whitley Bay and Holywell Pond. 

The birding & natural history continued even after I left home and got my own flat and it's been the one constant throughout the years.  Nowadays I have rural Northumberland to explore and, closer to home, my allotment which has become a lot less vegetable and lot more flowers since I took it over. It has been a bit neglected for a couple of years as I lost all my get-up-and-go due to the Black Dog of depression but now that I'm in a much better place (thanks to my new job and less stress) we are now reclaiming it back from the overgrown tangled mess it has become and aiming to turn it into a garden where we can relax and, most importantly, watch the wildlife that turns up.  The 'rest' has done it good to be fair and the sheer amount of invertebrate life that has been present over the past two/three summers has been amazing and I want to keep that...just in a slightly tidier fashion. Clear paths where you can safely walk without bramble tendrils reaching out to grab your ankles would be nice for starters!  We are very fortunate in that it is in a fabulous position with lots of shelter from surrounding hedges and is an absolute suntrap in the summer. I think 2021 will mostly consist of us pulling down the rotten shed and polytunnel base, digging new beds and creating new paths, a shed and flower beds. But you never know, we may just get more done than we think and have it looking good sooner than planned. 

This blog is a record of this...as well as days out visiting other gardens and exploring the wildlife and nature to be found in the beautiful countryside around us - hopefully it won't be too boring for you all!  

Happier days before it became a messy disaster zone!