Wednesday, 29 July 2020

We Haz A Plan

As you saw from the photos a couple of posts back Plot 34 is a bit *cough* overgrown!  Three years worth of neglect to be perfectly honest!!!  But no more....Neil and I have sat down and worked out what it is we want from the allotment and what we have to do to achieve it.  

In the coming weeks I shall completely clear that front area which used to be a flower bed and put some weed membrane down to keep it weed free. We will then store and cover any wood we are keeping there which can be used for raised beds and a new shed etc.  Plants I want to keep will all be put into pots and brought home to our courtyard...I may even find that Rosa moyesii that has gone missing!  

Once this is done I shall bag up any rubbish and this, now that we have transport, will be taken to the skip. 

In about three weeks' time we are going to hire (or buy - we haven't decided yet) a petrol strimmer/brush cutter and completely clear the whole plot of all the weeds. This can then be piled up to dry and be composted where possible. We can then dig the whole plot over and get all the perennial roots removed.  

The shed can then come down!  One side of the roof has completely gone anyway and the beam supporting the roof has collapsed so it shouldn't take us long to dismantle the shed and either burn it or take it to the skip. The wood is all completely rotten so nothing we can salvage there!  

The next big job after that is to remove all the soil from the polytunnel beds which we can use to level the top area and fill raised beds with. Neil and I will then dismantle the polytunnel beds and clear that 30ft x 10ft completely. Most of the wood is rotten but there's a few sheets of corrugated metal which I'm sure Neil can use for something! 

By the time we're done the only structure remaining will be my greenhouse and we'll be starting with a nice clean slate which is where the fun of designing a new layout will now begin.  Over the winter I would like to get a basic shed which can be used to temporarily house Neil's tools until he can build his own bigger Man Cave (probably on the polytunnel footprint) and then once the tools are in his shed I can use my shed as a chicken coop so my girls will have space to move around. I have the weldmesh already so it's just a case of building a run around this.  

I still intend to have lots of flowers on the allotment but also want fruit & vegetable areas and a place for a table and chairs so we can relax and for the plot to be an enjoyable space to be in as allotments should be. I certainly don't intend to EVER let it get overgrown with weeds again!  Perhaps once this is done and Plot 34 is up and running we may try for a second plot as I still hanker after polytunnels, asparagus beds, an orchard and more space for chickens and ducks. This is probably a year or so down the line however as I've learnt from the past couple of years what my limitations are and not to overstretch myself. A girl can dream though, can't she?      

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