Tuesday, 7 July 2020

The Ugly Truth!

Oh the shame!!!  Pics from August 2019 but this year is equally as bad as my mojo just hasn't been around.  Feeling lots better now though so going to do little-but-often - start at the entrance gate and just work my way inwards. The 35+ year old shed and wooden polytunnel base are both coming out as they're completely rotten too so all I will be left with is the greenhouse. 

I keep reminding myself of how AWESOME it will all look once it's completely cleared and a blank canvas for Neil and I to restart from scratch. 

Entrance area looking rather *cough* overgrown!   

The view that greets you from the gate

There is a path in there somewhere!

Rotten remains of tunnel entrance witrh, to the right, the nettle & dock-covered 'compost heap'

Looking down the side of the polytunnel

Bottom end has completely collapsed and bows out with the weight of the soil!

Top area messy but not so overgrown

If you hack your way through the nettles there IS a shed in there!

Same with the greenhouse...

Slightly overgrown  path *before* 

And after...

In mid-September I also managed to unearth the shed too! 

It just goes to show just how quickly Nature will take over given half a chance!  This year, 2020, is Plot 34's third year of neglect so it'll be a lot of hard work to regain control but I'm sure it will be done if I just focus on one job at a time and not let myself get overwhelmed nor disheartened as I have done in the past.  At least the soil should be in good shape after 3 years' rest.  I'm going to clear it all by hand so I know all the perennial weed roots are out and then it'll be a simple case of keeping on top of them in future.  Once the plot is cleared and the shed & polytunnel base are removed Neil and I can then put in new paths and build a new shed.    

Just think...this time next year, July 2021, it'll be bursting at the seams with flowers and edibles and should be a lot more fun to potter about in....instead of the constant draining battle it currently is!  

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