Saturday, 30 May 2020

First Post

Hello there, thanks for taking a look at my blog. Hopefully you will find something of interest to read and it won't be TOO boring for you!  

 It's not my first attempt at blogging, I must admit, as a previous one was deleted when I seemed to lose my way with both it and life in general. Thankfully I'm feeling a lot happier, balanced and focused with it all nowadays and felt that it was time to get back to blogging once here I am!  

I live with my husband Neil in a rural town in Northumberland. We both grew up in urban North Tyneside but in October 2004 sold our house and headed north for a slower, more relaxed life. There's been a few minor blips along the way but overall we don't regret it and certainly couldn't go back to urban living again. A couple of times we have mulled over the pros and cons but it only takes a brief bus ride back to Newcastle to make us realise it's not for us anymore. Too busy, too noisy and, dare I say it, the people all look too angry and aggressive! 

The one constant thing in my life has been gardening! I always needed to grow stuff even as a very young girl and my dad gave me my own patch of garden in which I grew various flowers. Even now, despite living in a first-floor flat, I still have a few pots and containers in the communal courtyard we share with eleven other neighbours. In these I enjoy growing flowers which are attractive to wildlife. I've also had an  allotment since 2015 and the first three years were spent growing flowers, fruit and vegetables but, sadly, it's been very neglected this past couple of years as my Black Dog of depression returning with a vengeance! Mostly because of the combination of a nasty bully of a boss who made my life hell for two years and my increasing guilt at the mess which Plot 34 had become and about what others may think! It all came to a head last summer when I walked out of my job, took the summer off and made time to relax and work out what it was that truly made me happy.  A couple of times I almost gave the allotment up as the sheer amount of weeds had me completely overwhelmed.....but on the other hand just the thought of not having my own garden and a place where I could grow things really sickened me. I knew that I needed to somehow ignore others and their opinions and instead regain control of my precious patch of land. Having quite a sizeable collection of houseplants at home made me realise that being surrounded by greenery just makes me happy and it was this which I needed to get back to....outdoors as well as inside!  

So...that's what I'm doing! One huge mental declutter later I now feel that I am finally free to do what truly makes my soul sing and I've started this blog once more. The main theme will most likely be Plot 34 as I turn it back into an attractive and productive place where I can indulge my obsession for flowers and heritage fruit and vegetables. One day I'd also like to have a few chickens too. 

This renewed positivity in my life has been a long time coming ~ a good couple of years at least ~ but I'm now finally feeling relaxed, clearer in my head as to where I want to go with my life and I'm actually excited for each day to just feels good!  Long may it last! 

Happier times before it became a messy eyesore! 

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