Saturday, 30 May 2020

First Post

Hello there, thanks for taking a look at my blog. Hopefully you will find something of interest to read and it won't be TOO boring for you!  

 It's not my first attempt at blogging, I must admit, as a previous one was deleted when I seemed to lose my way with both it and life in general. Thankfully I'm feeling a lot happier, balanced and focused with it all nowadays and feel that it was time to get back to blogging once here I am!  

I live with my husband Neil and rescue cat Bailey in a rural town in Northumberland. We both grew up in urban North Tyneside but in October 2004 sold our house and headed north for a slower, more relaxed life. There's been a few minor blips along the way but overall we don't regret it and certainly couldn't go back to urban living again. A couple of times we have mulled over the pros and cons but it only takes a brief bus ride back to Newcastle to make us realise it's not for us anymore. Too busy, too noisy and, dare I say it, the people all look too angry and aggressive! 

I've always had an interest in gardening and even as a toddler I would follow my Dad around our council house garden and 'help' him. He eventually gave me my own small plot in a sunny spot and I would grow hardy annuals such as Candytuft, Nigella, Nasturtiums and African & French I still grow each year to this very day!  And even after I left home I still had to have contact with the earth...either by growing things in pots and containers in courtyards or balconies or indoors where I had quite a sizeable collection of houseplants. Being surrounded by greenery just makes me happy and in this day and age that can only be a good thing.  

The main theme of this blog will most likely be my allotment as I return it from an overgrown messy jungle to a fully productive and attractive kitchen garden full of flowers, fruit and vegetables...and hopefully before long a few chickens too!  I'll also write about day to day stuff....other hobbies and interests like hiking, penpalling and my attempts to get back into painting and sketching which I absolutely adored when I was younger. 

It's been a long time coming ~ a good couple of years at least ~ but I'm now finally feeling relaxed, clearer in my head as to where I want to go with my life and I'm actually excited for each day to just feels good!  Long may it last! 

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